Thursday, 20 December 2012

How to Explain the absence of their father

My daughters are five and three years old respectively and they trade back and forth questions to me about their father and his whereabouts.they play pretend about holiday getaways with their father and all the fun they would enjoy with him.Their yearning is worse during birthdays and festive celebrations.As a mother l initially played along with them,but it recently dawned on me that I was stringing their hopes with fragile twine that is certain to snap back in their faces.
I sat them both on my laps and told them that their father loves them  but is at a station in his life where he cannot commit to be in their life. l told them that there are different types of families,and that the accepted one globally is the one where they would have both parents living with them but that circumstances do not always make it so.l ended my explanation with a declaration of undiluted love for them that cannot be rivaled by any circumstance.

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