Thursday, 20 December 2012

Loneliness and singleparenthood

It's amazing how life can throw a curve ball at you;one phase of your life has you going through life confident that you would have that special someone in your life with you forever,that's not too much to expect from someone who made your spin with excitement and reel with laughter.The one who needed only to look at your face to interpret your moods.Then without notice he is out of the door and out of your life leaving you to decide if all the show and acts of love were a figment of your imagination.
The truth must be told living without a significant other is not as easy as most independent single mothers would readily is tougher when the child or children as the case may be grew up with a picture of a whole family unit.Except of cause in the case of death.
Like most independent single mothers l get myself muddled in my business and taking care of the children that am so knocked out of energy at the end of the day to bother about loneliness.l must confess though,that l am sometimes choked up with a longing for emotional validation and intimacy.
My daughters are a handfull and the task of keeping up with them occupies my thoughts, leaving no room for loneliness,whether perceived or imagined.maybe when they are in their teens and preoccupied with adolescence l may have the chance or time to strut my stuff and whet my whistle.Until then it is break-fast ,school run, home run,lunch,laundry,play date????????????

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