Saturday, 29 December 2012

Rules to live by

The responsibility of single parenting is no child's play and can be mind bugging at times.the following are actions that have eased the strain and made the journey less of a burden.

Action (1):Always commit your day to the creator of the universe.l call him father,husband,way maker,good shepherd and friend.your children must recognize the intimate commitment you have with prayer and prayer times and be excited to follow suit.

Action(2):Teach your children to be independent.they should learn to care for themselves and care for their environment.they should be able to take showers and groom themselves without girls pride themselves for being able to make their beds,take their bath themselves and also help out to dust and clean the house.

Action(3):Shop for groceries in bulk if you can afford to,cook bulk meals and store in the deep freezer in small micro wave containers.l prefer to do my bulk cooking during the weekends,that way l am only saddled with heating as we need.saves a lot tof time.

Action(4):Be consistent with the kids especially as it concerns rules.In our home bedtime is 8pm for the girls and they know that the time is not subject to negotiation,no food in the bedroom,prayers before meals,bedtime and upon rising,no treats outside the home except on Fridays.Children are generally wired to receive and obey rules,they are alert to note if it is a rule or a wish.

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